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The Platform for Trust,
with Digital Assets

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The Safe

Protect not only yours but also the assets of your family, friends or business associates.

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Create passive income by staking your SafuFide tokens.


Join a decentralized community protecting the integrity of the SafuFide Protocol through research, discussion, and on-chain voting.


The next step in the Nexus ecosystem movement


Why did we create SafuFide?

We built a large community that included a lot of new crypto users and found that many of new crypto users don't understand that their newly acquired digital assets are just as valuable and priceless as tangible collectibles would be. That's why it's so crucial in this day and age to ensure that our digital assets, including DeFi tokens, are safe. SafuFide, part of the Nexus Ecosystem is a platform that does just this. We are passionate to educate all in crytpo and wanted to build something to help all new to crypto protect their assets and ensure they were safe, even if they gave away their seed phrase. Slowing down the adoption of cryptocurrency as a whole due to fear, uncertainty and doubt is the fact that wallets are being hacked by many scammers in the space. We built this to protect all wallet owners.

Our goal is to protect individual assets as well as projects, not only for the project's success but for the communities involved.

SafuFide Safe-Sig is a trusted platform to protect and manage digital assets on Binance Smart Chain, that will include multi-chain in the near future. Built on the Gnosis open source protocol, they are focusing on individuals and our long term plans is to focus on projects (apps, DAOs - Decentralized Autonomous Organization, auditing contracts, launchpad, etc). Multisig wallets (SafuFide) will be able to be used to protect not just the assets in wallets but also used to protect the smart contracts by ensuring that it would take multiple signatures to change the contract.


Individual users as well as project users can fully customize how they or their team manage crypto assets, with the option to require a predefined number of signatures to confirm transactions.

Safe-Sig Apps

On the Binance Smart Chain, a lot of tokens today are utilizing hybrid tokenomics which have a swap in and swap out tax/fee. This fee also applies during transfer from wallet to wallet. This feature makes protecting assets utilizing a multisig wallet impossible without losing a percentage of their tokens. Our Safe-Sig apps solve this problem, allowing for our partner tokens to be transferred between the user’s wallet and the Safe and back tax free.


MetaMask - a browser extension for Desktop and has an App for iOS and Android

Trust - an App for iOS and Android - through WalletConnect

WalletConnect - Users can interact with web 3.0 applications directly from the platform using WalletConnect.

Benefits of creating your DAO

  • Projects and smart contracts can create Safus (multisig wallets) to manage the settings on the smart contracts using a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).
  • We can audit the smart contract for your projects.
  • Verify DAO members for the projects.
  • Transparent governance.

How the Safe works

Create Safe-Sig multisig wallets to manage digital assets for individuals and projects. It is much more secure than native wallets as each transaction will have to be approved by multiple wallets on multiple devices. Your assets are protected by Blockchain.

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